Wasp Extermination

If there are wasps surrounding your home, you would definitely understand how annoying they can be. While some insects may be harmless and will not attack or bother you, others can be extremely frustrating. Wasps are a notorious pest for households and families. Even though they are part of the bee family, they are rather different. They are much longer and thinner and also do not produce honey. If they are buzzing around your house, you are most likely wondering how to get rid of wasps. Do not worry, a wasp extermination is a fairly easy job!

Before proceeding with a wasp extermination, it is important to note that wasps can be beneficial to a home. They feed on small insects which can be a pest for your garden. For a wasps, those small insects that may eat through your vegetables or flowers are actually dinner. However, when the amount of wasps near your house gets out of hand, getting rid of wasps may be the best option.

There are a few different kind of wasps and they all have different characteristics. We will break down a wasp extermination by the different type of wasp.

wasp extermination

Common Wasp Extermination

The common wasp is simply yellow and black. These are most likely the wasp that will nests around your house. Getting rid of this type of wasp is not too difficult. Citrus oil is a great wasp extermination and can kill them on contact. It is an all natural alternative. Spraying citrus oil on a wasp, around the nest and directly on the nest can exterminate them. If you are spraying the wasp nest, you should keep your distance because the wasp may get aggressive.

Paper Wasp Nest Removal

Paper wasps are another species of wasps that are more harmless than the common wasp. What differentiates this wasp from the common wasp is that its body is shaped like paper, hence the name. The big issue people have with this type of wasp is that they tend to build very large paper wasp nest close to homes. Therefore, paper wasp nest removal should be your first priority. Any home and garden store would carry a special spray that can be used to remove these nests. The spray would kill all the paper wasps around the nest and then you can properly dispose of the paper wasp nest.

Hornets Nest Removal

A hornet is another type of wasp. These wasps are extremely large and contain more poison than a common wasp. As a result, their stings are extremely painful. Hornets are social and can be quite damaging because if you get to close to a hornet nest, they will attack simultaneously. Therefore, hornets’ nest removal is a priority. If you have a large hornets’ nest around your house, I’d recommend hiring a pest exterminator to deal with the problem professionally because it could be very dangerous.

Yellow Jacket Extermination

A last type of wasp is the yellow jacket which is a very aggressive wasp. Yellow jacket extermination is also dangerous because yellow jackets tend to attack humans whenever they come in close contact. You can get bit by just being in their proximity. As a result, you should hire a pest exterminator to carry out your yellow jacket extermination.These people are professionals when it comes to wasp removal.


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