Hornet Nest Removal in 7 Steps

Hornets are one of the most social specie in the wasp family. They hang out in close knit groups near their nests. They are very protective as well, meaning if either a hornet is getting attacked or the nest is getting attacked, the rest of the hornet group will convene to attack as a group. For this exact reason, removing a hornet’s nest can be very dangerous. But at the same time, you will want to remove it because it can be very dangerous to have hornets around.

In this following article, we will list 7 steps regarding hornet control to help will your hornet nest removal.

Seven Steps

Step 1: You will first want to ensure that you have all the materials you will need to remove the hornets’ nest. Here’s a list of the items you may need:
• A hornet spray or other form of wasp or insect insecticide
• Hedge clippers (make sure that they have a long handle)
• A pair of rubber gloves or other thick gloves that will protect your hands from stings
• A pair of goggles to cover your eyes
• Thick clothing that covers most of your skin (you will want little skin exposed)
• A plastic bag

Step 2: You will not want to remove the nest during the day because that’s when the hornets are most active. While it is harder to see at night, the hornets will be asleep and it will pose less danger to you. They are also less active when the temperature is lower and the sun is down.

Step 3: Make sure you put on all your clothing and protect the exposed areas of your skin. When you have located the hornets’ nest, place the big directly underneath the nest so you can catch it. It is beneficial to have one or two people helping you.
hornet removal
Step 4: You will want to use your hedge clippers to cut the nest off the tree. If it is hanging on a thin piece of branch, you can cut the branch right off and the nest will fall. Or else you can cut off the top of the nest and the rest will fall down. Make sure you catch the hornets’ nest in your bag.

Step 5: This step is only needed if the nest is attached to your house, such as near your gutter, window seal or roof. In this case, you are going to have to break the hornets hive and it is dangerous. You can either spray the nest with insecticide to kill the hornets or you can use a smoke to confuse them and make them less prone to attacking you.

Step 6: Once you have the hornet’s nest in your bag, tie it using a rope or string so that they cannot leave the bag. The hornets will try to chew their way out of the bag, so either use a thick bag or use two bags.

Step 7: Burn the bag to make sure that all the hornets die and are exterminated. This will effectively provide the best means of hornet control as it ensures that they have been all removed.


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