Different Types of Hornet Species

There are many different types of hornet species. While most hornets are native to Europe and Asia, they have invaded North America as well. They thrive mostly in warm weather. There are three main types of hornets that can be found around the world. Bald-faced Hornets: This type of hornet is the one you find... Read More »

Do Hornets Sting?

You most likely came across the page because you are asking yourself do hornets sting? Or can hornets bite? Or can they do neither? The bad news is, hornets do sting and bite. They can even do both at the same time. The worst news is, a hornet’s sting can be extremely painful and it... Read More »

Difference: Hornets vs Wasps

When many people refer to having hornets in their backyard or a big hornet’s nest in a tree near their house, most of the time they are referring to wasps. While these species may be very similar, they are different in nature, especially their personality and their behavior. This following article will outline the main... Read More »

Hornet Nest Removal in 7 Steps

Hornets are one of the most social specie in the wasp family. They hang out in close knit groups near their nests. They are very protective as well, meaning if either a hornet is getting attacked or the nest is getting attacked, the rest of the hornet group will convene to attack as a group.... Read More »

Identifying Hornets and Hornets Nest

If you think you have a hornet’s nest problem in your backyard, you will first want to make sure that it is in fact a hornet’s nest. The first step you will want to take is to identify the hornet. A hornet looks very similar to other kinds of wasps. Therefore, hornet identification is not... Read More »