Carpenter Bees

Your Guide to Using Cyonara 9.7

Let me tell you right away that Cyonara 9.7 is the best insecticide and pest control product you can buy! It features a revolutionary ingredient: Lambda Cyhalothrin. Whether you have ants, carpenter bees, bed bugs, terminates or even cockroaches, there is very little that Cyonara 9.7 cannot eliminate. Not only is it extremely powerful it... Read More »

Wood-Boring Bees

You may be seeing some big fat black and yellow wood-boring bees around your house and ask yourself what are those and why are they doing that? Well, in fact, those wood-boring bees are called carpenter bees (from the genus Xylocopa, subfamily Xylocponiae). They are called such a name because they make their nests in... Read More »

Carpenter Bee Traps

There are many options if you need carpenter bee traps. You can either make homemade carpenter bee traps or buy commercial carpenter bee traps. Carpenter bee traps are beneficial if you have an infestation near your house. Since carpenter bees can be very damaging, it is necessary to fix the issue quickly and effectively. Therefore,... Read More »

Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

If you see carpenter bees around your house, you may be concerned for your safety. There is a common misconception that all bees and wasps sting. As we all know, carpenter bees like burrowing and living in wood structures. By getting rid of a carpenter bees nest, you may provoke them to attack. Therefore you... Read More »

Carpenter Bees Picture

Are you interested in seeing what a carpenter bee looks like? Below you will find carpenter bees pictures! There is a close up shot of a carpenter bees picture as well as some of the damage that they cause. These are only certain pictures of carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are only one form of bee... Read More »

Carpenter Bees Treatment

Contrary to other types of bees who will build hives, carpenter bees have a much different personality. You won’t see them building any hives, they love getting into wood. Luckily for you, carpenter bees rarely sting. Most of their damage and the frustration of having carpenter bees around your house is that they are known... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

How to get rid of carpenter bees? This is a question that many of us ask when we see these pests buzzing around our house or tunneling in and around our houses. When summer is approaching and with the emergence of the sun and the hot weather, this certain insect makes his way near homes... Read More »

Carpenter Bees Extermination

You may be wondering how to exterminate carpenter bees? Carpenter bees can be very annoying insects. It is very difficult to completely get rid of carpenter bees because of the profundity and the extent of their persistence. Nevertheless, there are many carpenter bees extermination techniques that work very well to effectively solve carpenter bees extermination.... Read More »