Carpenter Bees Picture

Are you interested in seeing what a carpenter bee looks like? Below you will find carpenter bees pictures! There is a close up shot of a carpenter bees picture as well as some of the damage that they cause. These are only certain pictures of carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are only one form of bee in the bee family. They may resemble large bumble bees but they are very different. Observe these pictures closely to make sure you can tell the difference!

Close up of carpenter bee
Close up picture of a carpenter bee on someone’s hand.
Carpenter bee compared to bumble bee
Here is a side by side comparison of a carpenter bee and
a bumble bee. Notice that a carpenter bee is more black
with less yellow.
Carpenter bee near wood
This carpenter bee picture shows a carpenter bee
near a hole in the wood by a house.
Damage caused by carpenter bee
Lastly, this carpenter bees picture shows damage caused
by a group of carpenter bees. You can see by the picture
that carpenter bees love eating through wood.



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