Carpenter Bees Extermination

You may be wondering how to exterminate carpenter bees? Carpenter bees can be very annoying insects. It is very difficult to completely get rid of carpenter bees because of the profundity and the extent of their persistence. Nevertheless, there are many carpenter bees extermination techniques that work very well to effectively solve carpenter bees extermination.

The number one method carpenter bees treatment is to find all the carpenter bee tunnels. Do this during the day as it is most effective and label the tunnels with a marker. On the other hand, treatment is most effective at night because the colder weather calms the carpenter bees therefore they will be less susceptible of stinging you or attacking you.

The best method is to take a piece of red cellophane wrap. It is vital that the color of the cellophane is red because carpenter bees cannot see the color red. Put the cellophane over a flashlight in order to form a red light. If you cannot operate a night, your other alternative is to treat them during the day. To do this, you will want to spray the entrance of the tunnels with a wasp or bee spray.

It is also recommend to wear protective clothing when you perform carpenter bees extermination. Tough gloves like garden gloves are recommend and will help prevent stings from the female carpenter bees. Male carpenter bees don’t sting as much as the female. The females are much more aggressive and protect their territory more than the males.

If you use an insecticide spray, you should also wear a mask or something to protect your mouth so you don’t inhale the insecticide. Following the carpenter bees extermination, you should also wash all your clothing because it may contain some of the toxins.

There are some carpenter bees that will invade very hard to reach areas like under your eaves or in your walls. In that case, it may be impossible to treat them by yourself and you will need to hire a professional carpenter bees exterminator or extermination company. They will be able to exterminate the carpenter bees in the most efficient and professional manner.

There are some sprays that will protect certain areas from carpenter bees. However, these usually work only for limited periods of times and you can only do this during the hotter months. It is more of a preventative treatment rather than a complete carpenter bee extermination. Also the carpenter bees will simply migrate to another area where there is no insecticide spray. To deal with these bees effectively, you need to kill them at the source and spray all surrounding areas to kill any remaining lingering bees.

The insecticide sprays that have shown to work the best are the ones that have microencapsulated pyrethroid with the main ingredient of lambda-cyhalothrin. While you cannot acquire this for personal use, professional carpenter bees exterminators are licensed to use this and will tend to use this because of its strength and effectiveness.

There are other ingredients that tend to work well. These are cyfluthrin, bifenthrin, deltamethrin, and permethrin. They are all proven treatments against bees.

If you want to perform the extermination yourself, you will most likely need to use the powder technique.  You must put the powdered insecticide as deep as possible into each tunnel. Put as much as you need to plug the entire tunnel. Furthermore, you should put some powder on the wood near every entrance. You must make sure that there is powder on the area for a few days so that every bee that enters or exits the tunnel will touch the powder and contaminate all other carpenter bees.

This is an effective carpenter bees extermination!


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