Carpenter Bee Traps

There are many options if you need carpenter bee traps. You can either make homemade carpenter bee traps or buy commercial carpenter bee traps. Carpenter bee traps are beneficial if you have an infestation near your house. Since carpenter bees can be very damaging, it is necessary to fix the issue quickly and effectively. Therefore, this is when a carpenter bee trap is a good solution to preventing the damage caused by these insects.

We know by now that carpenter bees burrow and nest in wood. Carpenter bee traps should be made with a natural wood, could be painted and should also have a light color. There are carpenter bee traps in all different sizes, styles and even shapes. Most of them are shaped like a box, about a foot high and half a foot long but only two to three inches deep. There should be one hole near the entrance which allows the bee to enter. You will want to put it against a wall, near a hole that houses other carpenter bees.

There are many styles of traps. There are other carpenter bee traps that are triangular with three holes in the front and a bottle or two attached on the bottle. So when the carpenter bee falls into the bottle, he is trapped until he dies. These are easy to clean since you can simply unscrew the bottle, dump the bees and rescrew it back on. These carpenter bee traps can also be hung on a cord instead of attached to a wall.
Carpenter Bee Traps
The inside of the carpenter bee trap should not be rough, but very smooth. Therefore, when the bee enters inside the trap, they will fall into it and it will be impossible for them to get out. You may ask how does the carpenter bee trap works? Carpenter bees dig into wood on a 90 degree angle, usually going downward. So if there is no tunnel on the other side of the hole, the bee will get confused when it enters the hole and it will follow right down to the bottom of the trap where it will remain stuck.

When a carpenter bee dies, it releases a scent that attracts other carpenter bees. Therefore, the dead bees in the trap will attract more from the colony into the hole of the bee trap. Some traps may have sticky glue, paste or adhesives to ensure that the bee does not get out or even poison that will kill the bee instantly as it enters the carpenter bee traps.

Stay tuned as we will release special carpenter bee trap plans!


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