Bee Hive Removal

Bee Hive is a structure where honey bees live and raise their offspring. These hives naturally occur in hallow areas such as a tress or rock cavity. In houses, they generally are found in areas like attic or wall voids, where they get enough space.

Bee hive removal from houses and public places becomes absolutely necessary in some cases. Bee sting can be even fatal to some people who are allergic and it can cause various other problems such as swelling, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, etc. Also, bee diseases can be contained only if you keep your house as well as the surrounding areas free from bee hive developments. Therefore bee hive removal is crucial for the safety of yourself and your home.

Bee hive removal process might sound extremely tough, but it is not so. However, you do not have to forget that you need to take adequate precautions if you plan to get the process started yourself. In case, even the idea of going closer to a bee hive seems to freak you out, you can always go for professional help. These professionals are trained to handle the natural bee hives.

Bee hive removal can be of two kinds. You can either relocate a bee hive or you can destroy it completely. Relocation means you just get rid of the bees without killing them. Handing them over to a beekeeper can be a possible solution. But if you want them to go and not return back ever to your house, you will have to take some serious measures.

How To Undertake

If you want to undertake the bee hive removal process yourself, you have to be sure that you are safe first. You need to be appropriately dressed. Wear something which is smooth and light colored and covers you completely. Bees are attracted to darker shades. Do not forget gloves and face cover. You definitely don’t want to be stung during the bee hive removal.

If the hive is in the open, you can straightaway start with the process. However, if the hive is in wall voids, you will have to drill a few holes. Try to figure out the exact location of the hive by striking the wall and hearing for the buzzing sound. Where ever the sound is maximum, drill a hole there.
Bee Hive Removal
Sevin is the best insecticide used for killing the bees during the process of the bee hive removal. You need to spray this insecticide on the hive, to ensure that the bees are killed. This should be usually done early morning or late afternoon, as there will be least movement at these times. However, one application might not be enough. Spray it several times to ensure that all bees are killed. Now bee hive removal can take place easily.  Dispose it in a secure plastic garbage bag as trash.

Now you have to clean this area with soap and water. Also, to avoid another beehive, cover all the openings and put screens on the vents. If you made holes, make sure you cover them up too.

However, it would be best to hand the bee hive removal over to a bee keeping company, as you won’t have to kill so many bees in that case.


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