Bee Exterminator

If bees have infested your garden or home, hiring a bee exterminator is the best option. They have a couple of ways of dealing with it. One method that we are all familiar with is the smoke method. Blowing smoke into a cavity where a new swarm of bees have recently set up a hive sometimes helps to get rid of the bees. This is, however, a misconception.  The smoke does not make the bees move out. The bee exterminator uses the smoke to calm the bees. It masks the action of the pheromone given off by the guard bees, whenever there is an external disturbance in the hive. This causes the bees in the hive to become more alert, as their instinct conveys to them that there may be a fire. They begin to load up on honey and get ready to flee. But unless there are actual flames, they will not move.

Bee hives can be fatal too, if the bees in question are killer bees from Africa. Their sting can be poisonous enough to kill small mammals. Dogs and cats have been known to die from such bee stings. As a result, a bee exterminator would be a necessary option. Humans who have been stung had to be given proper medical care, in some cases. A bee exterminator will usually not use insecticide sprays on hives because it can be a bad path to go down. Since the bees start to look for other ways to burrow and create shelter.

When all methods fail, and the swarm has settled down in a residential neighborhood, there is only one course of action. Pest control professionals or a bee exterminator needs to be called to deal with the situation. A Bee exterminator is a specially trained person to deal with bees. When the swarm needs to be killed completely, the bee exterminator is called in to handle the occurring situation.

This is, however, only a last ditch effort. Bees are very helpful to us in a lot of ways. They help in cross breeding and are used for the transfer of pollen.

What Will They Do?

A bee exterminator will generally use organic pest control solutions to kill the colony of bees, which have attacked a house, inconveniencing its owners. Some sonic devices are used in pest control, but it might not be very effective against bees.
Bee Exterminator
Such professionals who handle bees are available at hospices and through pest control companies in a lot of cities around the world.  They are professionally trained to handle situations where bee extermination procedures are inevitable. It is instrumental to have the contacts of bee exterminators handy in case of an outbreak.

In case of an outbreak, please stay indoors as the frenzied bees may sting and cause swelling and rashes. At times outbreaks have also proved to be fatal. Immediately seek medical help if you face such a situation.

To avoid such an eventuality, here are a few handy tips. Keep your garden free of garbage and tend to your gardens regularly as it has been seen that bees tend to set up a colony in a dirty and warm place. “Bee” safe and guard yourselves from the “sting”! A bee exterminator is worth the effort to keep the bee at bay!


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